Get like a high range level along with a top defence level


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1) Get like a high range level along with a top defence level so you can earn money

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Why don't you finish OSRS gold your 99 woodcutting and 99 smithing first? Last time I checked, 99 smith was still a respectable cape and since everyone has 99 woodcut, why not you too? In terms of your own goals: I think 99 RC is way to hard. The people who do get it either have no life at all, play with more people on one account, or RC for several years. I don't suggest that, just because it is so slow xp. . But as the other guy said you could try just like 82 or something. 99 prayer is what I should do. Though you do not like combatting, it is such a fun cape to get. .

I plan to get it myself when I get the cash. This is what I should do . Get like a high range level along with a top defence level so you can earn money doing supervisors. Meanwhile you train range and HP and you also make money for prayer. I would just forget about RC when I had been you.

Hello everyone. It's been some time since I posted here, and I've furthered my stats quite a bit. I appear to be having sort of a problem with it. I have got 51 Slayer, and it's all going fine. I will occasionally switch to dhide, archer helm, rune cbow, addy bolts, granite shield, and snakeskin boots to range.

My entire issue is that I can't kill enough monsters and get enough exp per run. I will get some random task from Chaeldar, state, trolls. I'll go with some monkfish and an att and str pot and kill a few trolls. However, I run out of food unnaturally fast. Then I go bank and I realize that I just got like 20 kills . I have to do something wrong. Should I go to a lower slay master? Should I bring greater food? Get Defence up? Utilize Prayer? Safespot? I really want some guidance on this. I want more slay exp per hour, and I'm willing to work for buy School RuneScape Gold it. Thanks in advance for reading all of that and giving me advice.




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