Curry is an abashed golf fan and fits for NBA2king NBA 2k23


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PGA TOUR 2K23 launches in about two weeks and while Michael Jordan has been appear as playable golfer in the game, 2K has now appear accretion all-star to the roster. Eight-time NBA All-Star Stephen Curry will be added to the adventuresome as a chargeless download at launch.

Curry is an abashed golf fan and fits in altogether with the series. His Beneath Armour Curry Iso_Chill Golf cap, Answerable Curry SL shoes, Curry Polar polo shirt and Curry Bottomless shorts will additionally be available.

Both Curry and Jordan are playable in Exhibition either locally or online. Jordan is included with the Michael Jordan Commemoration Pack, which is a pre-order bonus. PGA TOUR 2K23 will arrangement on October 11 for those who pre-order the Best and Tiger Woods Edition, while the acclimatized acclimation will arrangement on October 14.

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