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1) My personal experience story

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People are like clay; they are shaped, mend together, and shaped again through the whole life. This cycle is never ending and this is what makes every person unique, what unites people together and sets them apart. These shaping hands of people’s lives are the experiences they encounter every day, things that happen to them on everyday basis. Both huge and small experiences, even those that people do not notice, have forever-lasting impact on them.

One of the major experiences in my life that had a great impact on me was meeting with one family in the airport. By the time we were saying our goodbyes to each other, these people were nothing less to me than saint. I met them when I was traveling with my friends. I don’t even remember how the conversation started, but I clearly remember the welcoming and vibrant feeling coming from those people. Something that had to be one of the casual airport conversations about nothing turned my life upside-down.

This family was returning home from Eastern Europe. They have gone to Ukraine and stayed there for nearly two months, just to get a chance to adopt two special kids. Both of those children had Down’s syndrome, as well as another girl adopted by them from Serbia two years ago. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable asking questions about the kids as I was afraid to say something wrong, but curiosity won. The family has told me both tragic and beautiful story of their life.

It is absolutely necessary for me to mention that both of the parents were dressed really funky and had tattoos on their bodies; on the other hand, they had those deep gazes that only people who had a lot of “breaking and mending” happen to them have. One of the children, the oldest boy, he was their own, healthy and real firecracker. They also had a biological daughter with special needs from the birth who has lost a battle to severe chronic illness. Then the family learned about the fact that children with special needs in the Eastern Europe go to orphanages and asylums straight after birth as often their mother refuse to take them home. These children live in terrible conditions, with no love and care which they require more than any others do.

I could see how much this couple care for their adopted children and how much they love them. It was only natural for me to mention, that even if they adopted these children, there are many others. The mother said with a smile that they can’t adopt every single child with special needs; however, they should not stop trying. They cannot change the whole world, but their family can become the world to these kids.

If you think of it, these kids will never be able to go to school, to graduate, get a job and move out of the house; they require constant supervision, determination and dedication that not every parent has ability to provide. For the family I have met, the adopted children are not only their family, but also their lifelong dedication. As for me, good person is a person who does right things even when nobody is watching. This is what this family means to me; they are good people, they made selfless commitment, not for monetary benefits or for social status. They did it because they wanted to make the world a better place, and to give their love to these kids. This experience has encouraged me to be a better person, to change my attitude towards life and work every day to give at least small token of kindness and selflessness to the world.


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